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Reverse Pull Head Gear (Maxillary Protraction Appliance) The R.P.H.G. was designed by Professor John Delaire as a devise to move the maxilla forward relative to the anterior cranial base. There are two situations that require this forward movement of the maxilla.

The skeletal Class III, and the pathologic skeletal Division Two. The objectives for using the R.P.H.G in the skeletal Class III patient are to retard the growth of the mandible, and to compensate the pathologic length of the mandible by bringing the maxilla forward.

The R.P.H.G. must be worn at night and as much during the day as possible when treating the skeletal Class III. The objective for using the R.P.H.G in the skeletal Division Two patient is to pull the maxilla forward, and in turn eliminate the “trapping “position of the maxilla effecting the normal growth of the mandible.

The R.P.H.G. can be worn at night only when treating the skeletal Division Two. The R.P.H.G. comes in two styles, day time and night time, and in two sizes, pedo and permanent. The orthopedic force begins at 8 oz. per side for approximately x
one month, and is then advanced to 16 oz. per side. The force is applied to the front of the maxilla to prevent tipping the maxilla downward (Kline effect).


Night R.P.H.G (L) Day R.P.H.G.(R)