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Cutting Edge Orthodontics

Dr. J. W. Truitt B.S., D.D.S.

I began practising orthodontics in 1967 when the tools of the trade included:


  • Starting each case in a Jaraback arch that could easily take an hour or so to fabricate.
  • Expecting the patient to complain about the pain they endured and the three to four years they were required to wear their braces.
Cutting Edge Orthodontics

Over the years pre-adjusted brackets, bonding and NiTi arch wires made my job easier and faster, but it did not change the basic mechanical rules that had to be strictly followed. Suddenly brackets were designed with low friction and high control that when used in conjunction with multi-gradient thermal NiTi arch wires changed the rules of the game.

I can now treat the vast majority of my fixed orthodontic cases in ten to twelve months with no discomfort to my patient.

Let me show you how to get the maximum advantage from the new Delta Force appliance system. You will be amazed at how easy it is to obtain beautiful occlusions in a very short period of time. 

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