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The Clinical Foundation of Orthopaedics & Orthodontics provide three comprehensive textbooks to support all courses, in addition, video tapes are available to reinforce your knowledge and patient education.


Books may be purchased as a complete package at a discounted rate. Also available at a special discounted rate when making course reservations.

For the full range of educational products please visit our supplies department at Triple O Dental Supplies. For details please call +44 (0)121 778 5494.

These textbooks were developed in conjunction with the series of seminars 1-6. The books provide the written foundation for the seminars and are handy long after class is over to use as review material and to present additional information for continued professional development. We urge you to attend all of the seminars as part of developing an ever more precise set of diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Applied Functional Orthopaedic and Orthodontic Therapy


This book is devoted to developing the skeletal structure to the patient’s genetic potential.

The text covers diagnosis and treatment planning, and the fabrication and application of removable functional appliances.

It also introduces the dental practitioner to the straight arch appliance system.

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Applied Orthodontic Therapy: The Straight Arch Appliance

This volume is a practical application and guide to using the straight arch appliance.

There is a substantial section on cases which require orthopaedic treatment prior to instituting orthodontic measures.

The theory and practice of the direct bond straight arch technique is covered in depth, ranging from placement of brackets to construction of retainers.

Also included are the attachments, mechanics and force analysis required for fixed orthodontic therapy.

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Advanced Orthopaedic and Orthodontic Therapy


In this book you will find many advanced techniques for using the functional therapeutic appliances, including the Crozat, Schwarz, Jackson, Sagittal, Bionator, Frankel and Straight Arch.

We have also included sections on creating leeway space, growth of the face and jaws, cases where extraction is appropriate, and indicators for surgical intervention.

We have also provided sections on a variety of cephalometric techniques and an extensive chapter on TemporoMandibular Joint dysfunction.