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Course DVDs

Course DVDs


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Maxillofacial Orthopedics

Course I

DVD Price $850

Cutting Edge Orthodontic Therapy

Course II

  • Delta Force Bracket System
  • Thermal Activated Multi-Gradient Arch Wires
  • Sliding Mechanics
  • Case Finishing

DVD Price $850

Comprehensive Bimler Elite®
Cephalometric Analysis

Comprehensive Bimler Elite®

Course III

  • Treatment Planning Using the Bimler Elite Cephalometric Analysis
  • Assessment of Patient´s Airway
  • Profile & Frontal Facial Analysis
  • Learn By Using A Step By Step Tracing Manual (Hands On)
  • Compare Pre & Post Treatment Analysis

DVD Price $850

Advanced Orthodontic Therapy

Course IV

  • Advanced Sliding Mechanics
  • Correction Of Open Bite Cases
  • Mid Arch & Terminal Arch Extraction Cases
  • Impacted Cuspids
  • Class II & III Mechanics
  • Accurate Case Finishing
  • Adult Orthodontics

DVD Price $850

Advanced Maxillo Facial Orthopedics

Course V

  • Learn How To Make All Removable Orthopedic Appliance
  • Use Of The Reverse Pull HeadGear
  • Advance Class III Treatment & Retention Cases
  • Truitt & Frankle III Appliance
  • Selecting The Best Appliance For Children, Teens & Adults

DVD Price $850

Diagnosis and Treatment of T.M.D. Patients

Course VI

  • Review of Anatomy-Skeletal & Muscular
  • Truitt Classification Of Joint Dysfunction
  • Selecting The Correct Type of Splint & Adjusting the Splint
  • Physical Therapy for TMJ
  • T.M.D. Medications
  • Patient Management
  • Phase II Stabilization: T.M.J. Orthodontics, Fixed & Removable Prosthetics & Equilibration

DVD Price $850




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