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September 15th,16th & 17th – 2023

Practical TMJ Therapy

Radisson Hotel, Heathrow, London UK

Practical TMJ Therapy

With this module you will learn:

  • Anatomy of the T.M.J.
  • How to diagnosis the various joint dysfunctions.
  • The cause of external derangements such as head & neck pain, back and shoulder pain, vertigo, tinnitus, and Tourettes syndrome.
  • How to select and adjust the appropriate splint
  • Phase Two stabilization with TMJ orthodontics, reconstruction with removable prosthesis
  • TMJ medications and nutrition
  • Physical therapy — in office and at home
  • Long term retention.
  • Stabilization and finishing of the TMJ:
  • Orthodontics including the ALF (Advanced Lightwire Force appliance)
  • Re-treatment of TMD previous orthodontic cases
  • Reconstruction and Adult Twin Block Therapy
  • Equilibration


Cutting Edge Orthodontics (Fixed Appliances for Beginners)

This module covers:

  • Placement of bands and brackets
  • The use of multigradient thermal activated arch wires.
  • Ligations of the variable force Delta Force bracket system.
  • The use of coil springs, chain elastics, power tubing, rotating wedges, and other auxiliary attachments using typodonts
  • De-banding and retention

You will be taught:

  • The Delta Force Bracket (Appliance System will be explained in detail)
  • Thermal Activated Multi-gradient Arch Wires
  • Case Finishing
  • Retention
  • Hands on using the Typodont for Ligations and Arch Wire Changes
  • Non Extraction vs. extraction cases
  • Sliding Mechanics using: Elastics, Coil Spring, Power Tubing, Sliding Yoke, Class II Bow, Rick-A-Nator, Molar Distalising Springs, Arch Wire Locks, Chain Elastics, Rotating Wedge
Practical TMJ Therapy (September 15th,16th & 17th – 2023)
Light Wire Appliances
  • Function of ALF appliances
  • Understanding Delta F Brackets
  • How to select and adjust appliances
  • Understanding arch wire sequences
  • Applying sliding mechanics
Practical TMJ Therapy (September 15th,16th & 17th – 2023)




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