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Our Mission


In 1978, I founded the CFOO to give access and to enable the whole dental community to start diagnosing and treating patients with skeletal malocclusions orthopedically… rather than the traditional orthodontic approach of extracting teeth and then straightening them to camouflage the underlying skeletal problems.

This concept has produced extraordinary results for both the dentist and their patients. The doctor is able to create beautiful smiles in balanced faces, and in the process, provide their patients with open airways and healthy TMJs for their lifetime.

In addition, many of the dental community that I have educated now limit their practice to orthopedic and orthodontic treatment… which has added significantly to their bottom-line revenue and their status within the dental community.


The CFOO mission…


To help the whole dental community understand how the integration of maxillofacial orthopedics and orthodontics  into daily practice affects the shape of the patient’s face as well as the alignment of their teeth.

Correct diagnosis and treatment of maxillofacial abnormalities through orthopedics is not new, but it’s virtually unknown within the traditional ‘specialist’ community. That’s because it is not taught in dental school or in orthodontic specialist training.

The largest negative impact of this scenario is on the patient… who is typically a child with crooked teeth. The advocate for the patient is a parent who’s placing complete trust in their doctor to recommend an orthodontic specialist who, they assume, will have the knowledge and experience to do the right thing for their child.

…and in almost all cases, the conventionally trained orthodontist does not truly understand the pathology in child’s growth many times exacerbating the pathology.

This lack of knowledge and understanding can lead to health conditions later in life such as sleep apnea and TMD.

The CFOO education program, along with the support services we provide in the area of diagnosis and treatment, completely transforms the dentist/patient relationship… and the need to refer patients out to specialists disappears.

At CFOO we put the best possible patient outcome, for their lifetime, at the heart of everything we do.

And that is a better situation for the patient, and the dentist.


Meet Our Team


Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt

Orthopedics, Orthodontics & TMD

Dr. Livier Carreon Truitt is the General Manager of SmileTRU International. She brings her expertise as a specialist orthodontist and her 22 years of experience using aligners to every case. She can answer your questions and advise you as to your treatment options with SmileTRU. There is no substitute for having a professional colleague with knowledge and personal experience upon whom you can depend.


Dr. Michael Dagostino


Dr. Michael Dagostino attended the Ohio State University College of Dentistry from 1980-1984. He found an intense interest in Orthodontics, TMJ Treatment, and Surgery. In between running his practice, Dr. Dagostino fosters his post-graduate education with over 3,500 hours of continuing education so far.


Dr Stefan Cloete

BChD, MClinDent (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Stefan Cloete runs a private practice with 11+ years of experience in Dento-facial Orthopedics. He focuses primarily on orthopedic and orthodontic treatment and has completed well over 800 orthopedic cases that are presented for teaching all over the world. He trains dentists in dento-facial orthopedics through on-line lectures, webinars and hands-on teaching.


Dr Mayuko

DDS Orthodontics Nihon University, Japan

Dr Mayuko graduated Nihon University School of Dentistry with a specialty in Orthodontics, helping across Japan and the USA. She is the course CFOO instructor for dentists in Japan


Dr. Anakaparn

P. (Dr. Kee)

Dr. Kee has a wealth of experience conducting CFOO Seminars since 1992. She also is the Founder & CEO of Dent-Mate Co., a dental supply company, operating for over 30 years. She gained a Bachelor of Science & Bachelor in Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.


Michael Hansen DDS

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Truitt and the Clinical Foundation of Orthopedics and Orthodontics for the last several years. They have changed the way I view and perform Dentistry. Dr Truitt has given me a better understanding of the temporomandibular joint than I ever had in dental school or any other educational endeavors to try to understand that area that everyone else seems to try to ignore. Not only that but I now understand how the growth and development of the jaws, as well as how their size and position, relate to proper joint function and overall good oral health. What’s better is that they have given me the tools to intervene and correct these problems both as they are occurring, in childhood, and after they’ve occurred and are causing suffering in adulthood. I have witnessed amazing transformations in my patients. I look at restorative cases in a whole new light. I know that I am a better dentist because of the knowledge I’ve gained through working with Dr Truitt and CFOO. My thanks go out to Dr Truitt and all the fine people at CFOO.

Associate Member of the International Association of Orthodontics (IAO)

In 2009 after 27 years in independant practice I was fortunate to have been introduced to Skip and Skip’s courses. Since then I have done all six the courses and acquired the DVDs for reference. Having done the courses and having acquired Skip as a colleague/ friend has changed my life professionally and personally for the good in ways I cannot begin to describe. I believe I now have insight into dentistry which my university education could not give me and on a daily basis benefits me in all the disciplines including prevention, restorative, crown and bridge, reconstruction, esthetics, pedodontics, orthodontics, FJO, TMJ therapy and even surgery. If you want to succeed in dentistry.

Stewart Wright B.D.S.

Without doubt, this is the most inspirational thought provoking and stimulating post graduate course I have ever attended and has influenced the course of my professional career for the past seven years.


Gys De Necker BSc, BDS, PDD

To attend Dr.Truitt’s courses is to go on a journey on dentistry that I have never been before. The courses opened my eyes to treatment alternatives and provide me with answers that I have not had before. I therefore challenge you to attend just one seminar and you will be back!


About the Consultation

The doctor should provide the following:

  • Study models-stone or digital
  • Cephometric x-ray — standard or digital
  • Intraoral & Extra oral photographs — standard or digital
  • Panoramic x-ray — standard or digital
  • Patient History
  • TMJ x-rays if indicated

Consultation Pricing


  • Two Bimler Elite Cephalomatric tracing
  • Schwarz-Korkhaus Elite Model Analysis
  • Rx for any required appliances

Audio Initial Consult: $250 US Dollars

Written Initial Consult: $100 US Dollars

Consult Updates: $100 US Dollars