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clinical foundation for orthopedics & Orthodontics

We Teach General Dentists How to Specialize in Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatments

…and provide a comprehensive ‘done for you’ solution to diagnosing and treating your patients in-house

An Important Announcement From Dr Truitt

How We Help Dentists Treat Patients

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We Deliver the World’s Most Comprehensive Training Materials

What makes the CFOO second to none in the world of orthopedics and orthodontics is the extensive list of course materials we make available for today’s general dental practitioners.

To date, we’ve trained over 200,000 dentists worldwide with our courses, and assisted them in practicing as Orthopedic and Orthodontic Specialists.

In fact, many of our course graduates have gone on to expand their practices… and seen their revenue increase by $250,000, or more, per year.

Here’s a look at the course library currently available by the CFOO:


Maxilllofacial Orthopedics

If you want to develop the orthopedic side of your practice, then this is the course for you.

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Cutting Edge Orthodontics

You will discover the groundbreaking results of combining ALF and Delta Force appliances to straighten even the most challenging of cases.


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Bimler Elite Cephalometric

The Bimler Elite® Cephalometric analysis is unique in respect of its ability to define individual patients’ skeletal and soft tissue discrepancies. You will learn how to trace your own Cephalometric x-ray, before then learning how to diagnose each factor of the completed tracing. Treatment planning is then made relatively simple.

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Advanced Orthodontic Therapy

This course will cover every scenario that you’ll come across when practicing fixed orthodontic therapy.

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Advanced Dento-Facial Orthopedics

You will discover the groundbreaking results of combining ALF and Delta Force appliances to straighten even the most challenging of cases.

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Practical TMJ Therapy

Extensive training dedicated to a simple and practical approach to TMJ therapy.


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Why Dentists Choose the CFOO Solution

In 1978, I founded Clinical Foundation of Orthopedic & Orthodontics & TMD out of frustration, quite frankly. 

General university courses were completely missing the boat on teaching dental students about the importance of maxillo-facial orthopedics in treating patients with developmental issues relating to the oral facial complex.

So, I designed courses to educate dentists of all ages and experience levels that focused specifically on the general development and growth of the human jaw… as well as how size and position relates to proper joint function and overall good oral health.

I’ve traveled the world for the past 40+ years teaching dentists the proper way to straighten their patient’s crooked teeth using orthopedics… and creating beautiful smiles.

Once you understand how jaw development affects facial bone and teeth development, you’ll see how antiquated the traditional practice of orthodontic treatment is today, and why it needs to change immediately.

That’s our mission at the CFOO…

We want to empower you with the knowledge and support to diagnose and treat your patients orthopedically… and then deliver orthodontic care in a way that is consistent with their natural oral-facial development.

When you do this with our help, you will be an Orthopedic & Orthodontic Treatment Specialist.