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Practical TMJ Therapy

Most doctors treating TMJ focus on treating the symptoms of the problem such as head and neck pain and vertigo. We approach the treatment from a different perspective. If the clinician can correctly diagnose and treat the internal derangement the symptoms (external derangements) will self-correct.

Once the TMJ issues have been resolved the patient will have a totally different occlusion. This new correct occlusion is usually created by using TMJ based orthodontics. It may also involve full mouth reconstruction or a removable prothesis like an over-lay partial denture.

Understanding the TMJs will change the way you practice dentistry!

You will learn:

  • Anatomy of the T.M.J.
  • How to diagnosis the various joint dysfunctions.
  • The cause of external derangements such as head & neck pain, back and shoulder pain, vertigo, tinnitus, and Tourettes syndrome.
  • How to select and adjust the appropriate splint
  • Phase Two stabilization with TMJ orthodontics, reconstruction, and with removable prosthesis.

Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Patients

Presented by Dr. JW Skip Truitt BS, DDS
A definitive course dedicated to a simple and practical approach to TMJ therapy.

Practical TMJ Therapy
Practical TMJ Therapy

Left Temporal Mandibular Joint

This seminar will cover:

  • Review the anatomy of the head, neck and TMJ
  • Diagnosis of internal and external derangements
  • Classification of derangements
  • Splint construction and adjustment
  • TMJ medications and nutrition
  • Physical therapy — in office and at home
  • Long term retention.
  • Stabilization and finishing of the TMJ:
    • Orthodontics including the ALF
    • Re-treatment of TMJ previous orthodontic cases
    • Reconstruction and Adult Twin Block Therapy
    • Equilibration

Dr. Truitt is the biggest secret in dentistry. His easy approach to teaching is very successful. I am a general dentist that has started over 100 cases in a year and a half. I wish I had met Dr. Truitt earlier in my 16 years of practice.

– Dil Hirji D.D.S, Ontario (Canada)

Skip, I began my orthodontic education with you 36 years ago and took all of your courses along with many other courses since. I have been providing exceptional orthodontic treatment on every level of difficulty all of these years since. I cannot imagine not having the understanding of orthodontics, as I treatment plan difficult cases today

– Daniel A. Lieblong, DDS, Little Rock, AR