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Comprehensive Bimler Elite® Cephalometric Analysis


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For those of you who have attended Courses I and II, you will have been exposed to a small degree to the Bimler Elite® Cephalometric analysis. Lessons already learnt demonstrate why the Bimler Elite® analysis is unique when compared to other Cephalometric analyses. Its ability to identify a patient’s individual skeletal discrepancies allows you to concentrate on correcting problems which otherwise may have been missed. For example, all Class III malocclusions were thought to be caused by an oversized mandible and so often the only correction was to surgerize the mandible. Quite drastic measures when you consider it could actually be an under developed or retrognathic maxilla that is causing the problem!

Bimler Elite® Cephalometric Analysis

The same principle can be applied in Class II cases. Even in some of the most severe Class II’s, the mandible can be measured as having a normal size!!..? until further investigation shows the entire mandibular complex including the tempromandibular joint, to be distally located due to maxillary entrapment. Relieve the entrapment and observe the mandible track forwards. These are only a couple of examples of being able to avoid surgical correction. Many more examples of how to balance a patient’s max /mand relationship as well as vertical balancing prior to straightening of teeth are demonstrated by Skip in his usual inimitable fashion. After all, the patient’s profile and the location of the TMJ should be of paramount importance when considering any form of ortho treatment.

Dinner at locally situated, respected restaurants will be arranged on the Friday and Saturday evenings as this always makes for some interesting discussion.

One final thing to consider is, dentists who only attend or repeat courses I or II do not in general go on to treat as many cases as dentists who complete all five courses. All the courses are there for a reason and have been designed to gradually build on your existing knowledge little by little.

You will learn:

The Bimler Elite® Cephalometric analysis is unique in respect of its ability to define individual patients’ skeletal and soft tissue discrepancies. You will learn how to trace your own Cephalometric x-ray, before then learning how to diagnose each factor of the completed tracing. Treatment planning is then made relatively simple. 


  • Skeletal anatomy of the oral facial complex.
  • How the Bimler analysis can diagnose skeletal malocclusions vs dental malocclusions.
  • How to diagnose maxilla’s that are back and or short, and mandibles that are balanced, trapped Class II, or growing prognathic Class III.
  • How to incorporate the Bimler analysis into appliance selection and design.
  • How to evaluate before & after treatment Bimler tracings to determine where growth has occurred.




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